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Party Time

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Our store would not be complete without lasers and black lights.  I mean, why wouldn’t we want lasers and black lights?  Since we want them, we figured you might, too.  So we have these amazing little laser pens that you can bring to the party, right in your pocket, so yeah, party in your pocket.  There are red and blue/purple laser pens now, green ones on the way.  Marc, one of the owners, is all about the lasers.  We just need some sharks, and maybe some string…

And yes, I mentioned black lights, because I love black lights as much as Marc likes lasers.  Oh, and not just lights, but also those amazing glowing posters that go with black lights.  Maybe I am a child at heart, but give me a black light, a poster, and some highlighters and you probably won’t see me all night!  You know what else is awesome in black light?  Hookah!  The vapor from the hookah creates this amazing atmosphere that even your grandma would enjoy.

If you’re going to pack a bunch of people into your house and/or basement, you might want to stock up on some incense.  They create a wonderful ambience, and let’s face it, dancing, happy people usually smell bad.