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Locally Blown Glass Products – Meet the Glass Blowers


We pride ourselves on carrying locally blown glass.  Our very own Mike Myers from Wanderlust Art Glass (picture above), OSS, Chris Schroeder of Big Beard Glass (umm, the guy with the beard pictured above), Chris Kasey of Communication Technology, Langer Glass, Buddha’s Glassworks, and Curt Brandt from CBD Glassworks represent our glassblowers from the tri-state area.  Real people making real quality glass.  It’s astounding, beautiful, creative, and functional.  We love our glass here.  Mike wouldn’t allow it to be any other way.

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Home Blown Glass


The Underground carries a wide selection of locally blown glass.  From simple to heady, Wanderlust Art Glass, Big Beard Glass, OSS, Scribbles (AKA Taylor Made), WOW Glass USA, and Twisted Sisters are our main sources for glass pipes, bubblers, spoons, sherlocks, sidecars, rigs, chillums, water pipes, and more.  Our glass is beautiful and strong and perfect for any collection.  Seriously, replace that China in the China cabinet with the twisty, colorful, melted art these guys have created.  Talk to Mike about how he does what he does.  It’s neat!

Our price ranges from $20-230.  We also have replacement slides and downstems.