CBD products are now BACK

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We are now carrying CBD!

Due to changes in the Wisconsin legislation, we can once again carry CBD, YAY!!

Our selection is absolutely fantastic.  We have oils, lotions, dog treats, vape cartridges, vape juice, gummies, capsules, smokeable flower/herb, honey, and more.  We have products from Green Garden Gold, Green Lotus, and Jolly Green Oil.

Looking for full spectrum CBD?  We are currently carrying Green Garden Gold’s full spectrum hemp products. Green Garden Gold believe in producing the highest quality hemp products on the market while focusing on wellness and health. Their oils are devoid of heavy metals, amino acids, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides and they regularly test for mold, hard metal, and bacteria.


What is CBD used for?

CBD has many therapeutic uses. A small list includes: ADD, PTSD, osteoporosis, OCD, nausea, Parkinson’s, stress, anxiety, depression, arthritis, and epilepsy. I have personally listened to many customers tell me how much it helps with various disorders, symptoms, and illnesses. It made me so sad to turn them away and brings me a lot of joy to bring it back!

Hemp Extracts

Green Garden Gold mixes the CBD with food grade vegetable glycerin. This oil can be vaped or taken orally. They come in various strengths: 100mg, 300mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. Available in regular, strawberry, blueberry, green apple, cinnamint, banana cream pie, and berry flavors.

Hemp Oil Capsules

This is a very pure and healthy way to take CBD. These soft gelcapsules contain 30mg of naturally occurring CBD and is rich is phyto-cannabinoids. The bottle contains 30 capsules and 900mg of CBD.

Yummy Gummies and Chill Shots

These gummies are packed with 30mg of CBD. There are 2 per package and they are available in 2 flavors. The Chill Shots are small orange flavored drinks packed with 20mg of CBD. Just drink it and chill.

Good Day Salve

First off, this salve smells SSSSSOOOOOOO good. It is made with natural bee’s wax and vanilla extract. Rub it on sore joints and muscles for soothing relief that targets a specific area.

Shatter and Crystal

Very highly concentrated CBD, in shatter and crystal form. Smoke or vape it to experience relaxation without feeling high.

CBD Dog Treats

Do you have an anxious dog? Or a dog that has seizures, arthritis, or other illnesses? CBD is a nice, mild and safe way to treat the things that ail your dog.

Come to The Underground to check out these amazing products for you and your loved ones.