Hookah – Hookahs – E-Hookah-Shisha


The traditions of smoking hookah started way back in the 15th century in India.  A hookah basically consists of a vase filled with water, hoses, charcoal, a bowl, and shisha/hookah tobacco.  The charcoal is used to slowly burn/vaporize the flavored tobacco and the hoses are used to inhale the smoke/vapor.  Hookahs can have one hose or many hoses and are generally enjoyed in groups, but can be used by one.  The hookah generally sits in the middle, creating a circle of people and a relaxing, social situation.

The flavors of shisha are incomparable to other smoked tobaccos and herbs.  Shisha can be sweet and fruity, mild and mellow, flowery and herbal, or just plain fun and funky.  The nicotine levels tend to be low, and the flavors big.  Smoking hookah is simply a fun, unique way to hang out with friends and find time to bond and relax.

The latest and greatest in the hookah world is E-hookah.  The experience is very similar, but no coals, shisha, or fire needed.  You just fill a tank with e-juice and put the attachment on the hookah where the bowl would usually go.  As you draw in air, the e-juice heats up and vaporizes, and you exhale a cloud of vapor.  The flavors are wonderful and there is just less mess and set-up.  It is easy to convert back and forth from a bowl to an electronic attachment, if you so desire.  Hookah is neat!!

We carry Fantasia, Al Fakher, Nakhla, Starbuzz, and Nirvana shisha.  Sooooo, so, so many flavors.  We also have Coconara coals, as well and Fujima easy lights.  If you’re looking for a new hookah, come here to find Mya and Khalil Mamoon.  We carry many different styles and colors of hookahs, with prices ranging from $25-160.  If you already have a hookah and need to replace a part, there’s a super good chance that we have it.  We also have replacement hoses, bowls, precut foil, and so much more.